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Those "blue" USB cables...


Everyone is familiar with the term 'USB' right? We associate it with those little flat connectors we stick into the matching sockets on our computers, sometimes connecting cameras, othertimes USB 'sticks', 'pendrives', or hard drives, smart phones, or a range of other devices. Quite ubiquitous.

But, if you read the ads in the local flyers carefully, you will more and more frequently see references to 'USB 3.0'. What is this and why should you care..?

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Curiosity and the computer!


Forty three years ago in July, those of us old enough to remember the event, sat glued to the radio or television listening to the Apollo 11 moon landing, spellbound by the courage and high adventure of it all. This month, many of us sat fascinated, watching and listening to the scientists and engineers at the JPL in California, as they monitored the automated landing of the rover Curiosity on Mars.

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Wi-Fi Protected Setup


What is WPS, you may wonder? Well, those of you who have set up your wireless router yourselves may recall seeing references to the "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" protocol when setting up wireless security (you DID set up security on your router, right?). It is one of the encryption systems available to protect your wireless network from unwanted intruders.

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