Nexus 7 tablet


So this week saw the eagerly awaited delivery of the Google/Asus Nexus 7 tablet.

A lot has been written on the web already, but here are a few more impressions from the first few days, from someone new to Android tablets & phones!

First, the packaging - ever notice how small children sometimes have more fun with the packaging than with the gift inside...? Some videos have been posted to Youtube poking fun at the Nexus 7 packaging and the apparent difficulty opening the package!

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Wi-Fi Protected Setup


What is WPS, you may wonder? Well, those of you who have set up your wireless router yourselves may recall seeing references to the "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" protocol when setting up wireless security (you DID set up security on your router, right?). It is one of the encryption systems available to protect your wireless network from unwanted intruders.

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Website testing


So last night, the new web site went live for the first time, mainly to see how it looked to the outside world!

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