Website testing

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So last night, the new web site went live for the first time, mainly to see how it looked to the outside world!

And the result? There're a few kinks to deal with, as expected, but on the whole, it's quite promising - all internal links work, as does the contact form and it's associated Captcha modules. Of course, if this was built on a staging site, any quirks would have been found and dealt with before going on-line, but to save time this development is being done in real-time as it were, with any malfunctioning components having to be quickly fixed on the fly, and so, once again we see demonstrated the risks of taking shortcuts in IT! So often we see short term solutions applied to problems, which inevitably have to be revisited again later, at additional cost, to really resolve the issue.

The bottom line - if you're not sure that what you're proposing to do is the best course of action, ask someone! Your experienced local IT support company has probably encountered similar challenges before, and would be happy to assist you!